KAHAL staff and Board initiated an intensive research process in May, starting by crafting a central research question (see below). Once drafted, the KAHAL team participated in high-level ideation and design sessions to break-down the central research question into a research tree with 198 unique points of inquiry. This research tree is the starting point for KAHAL’s partnership with Third Plateau, a social impact strategy and research firm.


To KAHAL, travel is a unique and profound expression of Jewish tradition, values, and connectedness. As the world of travel changes dramatically in the wake of COVID-19, KAHAL aims to leverage this unique moment to build on its successful global engagement framework and expand the organization’s scope. 

Through active customer discovery, KAHAL seeks to investigate the values and needs of the global Jewish community of exchange. Through this investigation, KAHAL aims to understand how our network and resources could appeal and cater to a wider variety of audiences and customer segments, serve a more diverse array of needs and values, eliminate new and historic travel pain points, and accentuate the bright spots of Jewish travel, exchange, and culture.

In what way can KAHAL create a dynamic brand and active lifestyle community for travelers and others to encourage meaningful experiences which expand travelers’ understanding of and appreciation for global Jewish peoplehood?

Together, we will look to investigate and share insights with the field related to:

  • The changing world of travel and exchange in the wake of COVID-19
  • The future of purpose-driven travel and young adult mobility
  • The role of exchange and mifgash (encounters) within the Jewish community including generational, denominational, and other exchanges
  • How KAHAL can deepen its impact and build a stronger global Jewish people

We aim to build upon this trove of applicable desk research, extensive customer discovery, and operational data to build KAHAL’s new strategic plan, with 2027, not 2021, as our true goal.

True commitment to intellectual curiosity demands intellectual honesty above all else. While we recognize the myriad of challenges we face, we also recognize that we are far from alone on this journey. Every organization, whether it wants to or not, will look different after pandemic life fades. What we choose to learn from this moment will determine our response for generations to come; how we choose to learn happens now.

Check back for more updates on how the process is going!