Whether you studied abroad 10 years ago, or you were just sent home last month due to the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a great time to reflect, write, and reminisce on your study abroad experiences. Even though students are not studying abroad now, we can reflect and offer advice for future generations of students. Please choose only ONE essay topic to write about. Find the guidelines of this contest below. The panel of judges will make a decision and announce the 3 winning pieces on August 28th, 2020. The 1st place prize is a $150 gift card, 2nd place prize is a $100 gift card and the 3rd place prize is a $50 gift card. Please email reflectioncontest@gmail.com should you have any questions or concerns.

Create something to answer ONE of these questions. Possible formats may be essays, artwork, videos/pictures, etc. Be as creative as you want!

  • What advice would you give to other Jewish students who are about to study abroad?
  • Tell a story from your abroad experience that shaped you into who you are today. 
  • Did you have a Jewish experience, moment, or realization while you were abroad? Tell us about it.
  • Choose your own topic and create something from it about your time abroad.

Winning submissions will display the positive impact of study abroad on a student as well as global Jewish or the international community. Submissions should also be of university/college level writing and of publishable quality.


  • Applicants must have studied abroad.
  • Applicants must have engaged with KAHAL or Jewish life abroad in some way.
  • Submissions must be real, personal experiences while studying abroad.
  • Submissions must be the applicant’s own, original, unpublished work (submissions will be subject to a plagiarism check).
  • Submissions must be in English, but essays written in other languages that have then been translated are acceptable.
  • The use of inappropriate language, mention of illegal activities or stories regarding the abuse of alcohol and drugs are all prohibited and will result in the application not being recognized.
  • Participants grant KAHAL full rights to share winning submissions on the KAHAL website and social media. KAHAL will not send submissions for publication elsewhere without further approval from the writer.
  • For essays, the word count must be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Artwork must be submitted with a 300-500-word description and explanation.
  • Videos/photos must be submitted with a 300-500-word description and explanation.
  • Submissions must be uploaded via this link by August 9th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT
  • The top 3 winning submissions will be announced on August 14, 2020 by 6:00 PM EDT

Questions? Email ReflectionContest@gmail.com