KAHAL's Story

While nowhere near public health experts, KAHAL was one of the first Jewish organizations to feel the impact of COVID-19, as students around the world had programs cancelled or, in many cases, were sent prematurely home. The concerns of our students and suffering of our community partners around the world forced us to reconsider our impact, and to understand our role in this global fight. Our first moves, of course, were to ensure the safety, security, education, health, and emotional well-being of our students abroad. Once they came home, however, KAHAL pivoted deeper into the crisis.
Led by our staff and several key board members, KAHAL leaned into one of the most complicated and challenging aspects of this crisis: the global shortage of personal protective equipment. Leveraging KAHAL’s global reach and reputation in social impact circles worldwide, KAHAL partnered with Jewish Together to ensure that our community’s most vulnerable were protected at all costs.

We Pledge to Protect… our nursing homes and home health agencies

Recognizing that our front-line communal institutions and their patients and staff were locked out of both municipal and global supply chains, Jewish Together moved quickly to create an international supply chain and distribution system, aggregating more than $5 million of orders to enable our agents to compete globally for access to personal protective equipment. Jewish Together has disbursed more than 2 million masks, 2 million gloves and 500,000 isolation gowns to 200 Jewish communal agencies across North America.


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Successful last-mile deliveries thanks to KAHAL’s partner AEPi (from left to right) AEPi Brother Shalom Elcott; AEPi Executive Director Andy Borans; AEPi Brother Jordan Elcott; and KAHAL Board of Directors member and AEPi Foundation Managing Director Jay Feldman.
Executive Director, Alex Jakubowski, checking out the quality of products at an Illinois distribution center.

We Pledge to Protect… our Jewish communities as they work to safely reopen

In order to begin to safely and successfully reopen the Jewish community, PPE will be an essential part of this new normal. While the cost per item (a mask or a box of gloves, for example) is low, the aggregate costs can add up quite quickly. With so many new and troublesome vendors operating in the space, we knew it was our responsibility to use our knowledge, contacts, and experience to help the community safely re-open.

KAHAL is proud to partner with Jewish Federations of North America to bring forward a new PPE purchasing opportunity. In this new normal, all our institutions need reliable sources of reasonably-priced equipment, and thanks to this initiative every Jewish organization will have this access guaranteed.