KAHAL Staff City Contact: Joseph,

The London Jewish community is one of the largest and most organized in the world. On campus, students can find The Chaplaincy, Jewish Societies (JSOC), AEPi, Chabad on CampusJLE/AISH, and various Israel societies, all of whom provide resources and weekly opportunities for Jewish students to get involved. Politics is a hot topic on campus, and students can find many ways to advocate for the causes most important to them. Off campus, there are local synagogues and a variety of organizations who can provide a range of services, from housing, to education, to internships and volunteer opportunities.  A Kosher haven in Europe, London provides dozens of options for students across the city.  Connect with KAHAL to find your Jewish home in London!

Opportunities Available:

Connections to students  and social events
Internships and volunteer options
Entrepreneurship and business training
Advocacy and activism
Housing and flat-shares
Shabbat and holiday experiences
Jewish learning and enrichment
Dozens of  Kosher restaurants and stores