Do you keep Kosher? How will you find Kosher products and Kosher meat?

If you have any religious dietary restrictions, get in touch with KAHAL. Also, be sure to let your program director or respective staff know ahead of time to help determine accommodations. SIGN UP to make sure you can find Kosher food near you!

Resources for the kosher traveler

Yeah That’s Kosher: Kosher Food + Travel info

Yeah That’s Kosher gives you the ability to search through different countries and articles about travel destinations through a Kosher lens. Search through popular destinations including Asia, Australia, and Europe to read about new Kosher spots internationally.

List of Chabad Centers

Chabad centers worldwide. Check out the different locations of Chabad houses both on campus

Jewish Barcelona

A search engine tool for finding the best Kosher options in Barcelona

Forever Barcelona Kosher

Finding Jewish food in Barcelona isn’t that easy. However, the number of Kosher restaurants in Barcelona has increased these last years.

Restaurant Maccabi

Located in Barcelona Ramblas being the classic restaurant , over 30 years of experience to continue serving our best dishes in kitchen Kosher.

Kosher Restaurants and Supermarkets in Barcelona

In the past Jewish visitors had a problem finding kosher food in Barcelona  however in recent times this has changed and today there are several restaurants and supermarkets offering the local Jewish community and visitors  the opportunity to enjoy delicious Mediterranean and traditional kosher cuisine right in the heart of Barcelona.