What is KAHALanguages?

KAHALanguages is the largest international Jewish language exchange. With over 200 young adults from over 20 countries, KAHALanguages is the perfect place to perfect your languages skills and meet other Jews from all around the world!

Why KAHALanguages?

Study abroad is an opportunity to grow personally, professionally and academically. Many students choose their abroad destinations to learn and improve their foreign languages either because it’s part of their academic degrees, or simply because they like to! Due to COVID-19, many international students were sent back to their home countries, and as a result are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime to learn and improve their foreign languages. Whilst we can’t hope to offer a comparable opportunity, KAHAL is setting up a Language Exchange to help students keep up their languages as well as “meet” and connect with other Jewish students all over the world!

How does KAHALanguages work?

We are getting requests from students who would like to have virtual “meet ups” with fluent and native level speakers. These can be arranged at the convenience of both of you. We can help you organise these 1:1 or as a group. These exchanges can be as long or as short as you’d like. Think of it like a virtual pen-pal! You can sign up to our community online or via the app. You can select your partner or group based on your preferences and then you’re good to go! You can also access loads of great resources to help you make the most of your exchange!

Check out some students testimonials about their experiences with KAHALanuages!

“"My language exchange is going very well. We meet about twice a week for two hours each and I feel as if we are getting to know each other better. I also feel that our language skills are progressing rather quickly. I am enjoying teaching a language as well as learning one. This was a great idea created by KAHAL and I hope you continue it in the future."”

“"This has been such a great resource for me in this time! My partner and I are very evenly matched in our language exchange levels so he can help me with Arabic and I can assist him with his Arabic. I am extremely grateful for this program right now. Thank you to all who put the effort in to organize!"”

“"It feels good to practice another language with someone native and feels good to give back to someone else who is also Jewish about something I am an expert about. You guys are crushing it!"”

“"My language partner and I are super efficient. Great match! We learn a lot. We spend at least two hours on zoom twice a week. Always looking forward to the next time!"”

““I have a cool friend from Moscow to chat with now!””

““KAHALanguages is a very good option to communicate with interesting people all over the world, learn something new and make new friends.””

“"Being paired with an international student has been a rousing success. We’ve developed a strong relationship founded on twice-weekly meetings filled with games and trivia."”

“"This is not a school. You can learn in a fun way; sometimes we play Kahoot, other times we teach each other games from our countries, and we change them a little bit so we can learn by playing them."”