What is a KAHAL Wintern and What Will Your Main Responsibilities Be?

A Wintern is a student intern, representing KAHAL in multiple cities abroad to serve the needs of their peers in select, popular study abroad destinations. Winterns engage peers through meaningful Jewish conversations, programs, and experiences. As a Wintern, you will begin engagement before students arrive in their study abroad destinations. Over the course of the Winter period, you will be responsible for:

  • Conducting personal, ongoing outreach to KAHAL-identified study abroad students in your region
  • Facilitating meaningful connections between Jewish study abroad and local Jewish students, families, and organizational opportunities in your region with the support and resources from KAHAL staff
  • Serving as an ambassador of Jewish life to your peers, including advertising their attendance at programming, coordinating groups to attend existing programs, helping to facilitate Shabbat and Kashrut observance when needed, and more
  • Identifying other Jewish students in your city who have not heard of KAHAL and can benefit from being part of the community

Assuming you fulfil your responsibilities as a Wintern, you will receive a stipend of $100 at the conclusion of the period.

The exact deliverables are as follows:

  • Organize one event (or more) during the Winter. This can be in conjunction with the local community
  • Engage a minimum number of students throughout the Semester as agreed by you and KAHAL staff
  • Keep a record of students who attend events and receipts for event expenditure

What you will Receive as a Wintern?

You will gain valuable experience working with Jewish communities around the world, gaining skills relating to leadership, organization, student engagement, Jewish learning, outreach and much more. You will work under the mentorship of a KAHAL staff member, engaging in check-ins and progress tracking meetings.

Program City Grants

Each region will receive a program grant to use for engagement efforts, the amount of which will differ depending on the region. Winterns will use their own money and then be reimbursed on submission of receipts. If someone is unable to use their own money, they and KAHAL will come to an arrangement on a case by case basis. The grants can be for two key purposes: a) to plan events; and b) to engage in local engagement efforts (community events, coffee/drink meetups, etc). Winterns are not expected to spend any of any of their own money, without reimbursement, to fulfil their duties.

Questions? Email Misha Vilenchuk, Director of Campus Operations Misha@KahalAbroad.org to apply.