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Opportunities Available:

  • Kehillat Beijing: The progressive community, which is made up of 1000 people
  • Beijing Chabad: Orthodox part of Beijing that both hold Shabbat dinners, services, and holiday events.
  • Kehilat Shanghai: Progressive Community, has lots of programming for students and young professionals
  • Shanghai Chabad: Orthodox part of Shanghai and has Kosher food
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I had not fasted for Yom Kippur in a really long time so it was really a challenge to do it, especially since I was doing it by myself. I was really trying to reflect though on why I was doing this and the significance it has. I wanted to do this for me, to not only test my willpower but also bring more Judaism into my life. Finally, when the sun set, I put the bagels out for everyone to come and enjoy. Almost none of the people were Jewish so I printed out a “Judaism 101” guide about what Yom Kippur is and handed copies out to everyone. I also spoke while everyone was eating their bagels about what Yom Kippur is and what it means to “break the fast.” They all listened and seemed really interested, I even got a few questions I was able to answer. It felt really great to spread my knowledge to my friends while also educating them on Judaism. I am really glad I went through with this and was able to do this for my new friends.

Julia M.Rosh Hashanah Location: Sydney, Australia