Below are the available Jewish opportunities in Madrid. Please click on the button below and let us know what you’re interested in this semester!

Opportunities Available:

  • Host families: Click here to be directed to our partner Shabbat With Us, where you can sign up to be matched to a host family! Make sure to put “KAHAL” in the “how did you find out about Shabbat With Us” question so that you are accepted into the system
  • Comunidad Judia Reformista de Madrid: The progressive (reform) Jewish community of Madrid, that hosts Shabbat and Jewish festival prayer services and potluck community dinners twice a month and on Jewish holidays.
  • Bet El: Masorti/conservative and egalitarian congregation who host regular prayer services.
  • Comunidad Judia de Madrid (CJM): The Jewish community of Madrid, that holds traditional prayer services in Hebrew and Spanish, as well as weekly Friday night meals for students and young professionals.
  • Chabad: lovely Chabad couple who host weekly Shabbat meals, festival engagement, and student events throughout the year.
  • Madrid Jewish Student Center: the main student organization in Madrid. They host a variety of events ranging from shabbat meals to BBQ socials to professional networking events. It’s a great place to meet local and other international students.
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Celebrating the High Holidays abroad made me realize that the larger Jewish community is actually a bigger family. Total strangers opening up their homes to students is very meaningful and I am sure I will do the same in the future.

Rachel S.