Below are the available Jewish opportunities in Hong Kong. Please click on the button below and let us know what you are interested in this semester.

Opportunities Available:

  • Chabad of Hong Kong:An Orthodox organization that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds. They hold daily, as well as Friday night, Saturday morning and Holiday services, and have free meals for students nearly every week—though they do charge for larger, more elaborate meals and social events.
  • Ohel Leah Synagogue: An Orthodox community which holds daily, as well as Friday night, Saturday morning and Holiday services. An open and welcoming expat community, Ohel Leah is located in Mid Levels adjacent to the JCC. Ohel Leah hosts Friday night dinners at least once a month for young professionals, which always feature an interesting speaker and gourmet food and are a favorite among KAHAL students. Each week, Ohel Leah hosts a free Shabbat kiddush/lunch, which is a great place to meet hundreds of local community members and young professionals. This warm, welcoming community also hosts many social, cultural, and tikkun olam events and activities and welcomes study abroad students’ participation.
  • UJC-Hong Kong: A Progressive (Reform) community that holds weekly Friday night and Shabbat day services. The community also holds services and communal meals for High Holidays, as well as frequent social, cultural, and tikkun olam events and activities. The Rabbis are both American expats and love welcoming international students!
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I had not fasted for Yom Kippur in a really long time so it was really a challenge to do it, especially since I was doing it by myself. I was really trying to reflect though on why I was doing this and the significance it has. I wanted to do this for me, to not only test my willpower but also bring more Judaism into my life. Finally, when the sun set, I put the bagels out for everyone to come and enjoy. Almost none of the people were Jewish so I printed out a “Judaism 101” guide about what Yom Kippur is and handed copies out to everyone. I also spoke while everyone was eating their bagels about what Yom Kippur is and what it means to “break the fast.” They all listened and seemed really interested, I even got a few questions I was able to answer. It felt really great to spread my knowledge to my friends while also educating them on Judaism. I am really glad I went through with this and was able to do this for my new friends.

Julia M.Rosh Hashanah Location: Sydney, Australia