Below are the available Jewish opportunities in Copenhagen. Please click on the button below and let us know what you’re interested in this semester.

Opportunities Available:

  • Jewish Community of Copenhagen: based in the Jewish community centre, home to lots of Jewish organizations and young professionals, the traditional Jewish community host weekly services in the great Synagogue
  • Shir Hatzafon: the progressive community of Copenhagen who host monthly services and potluck Shabbat meals.
  • Chabad of Copenhagen: Chabad host Shabbat meals every week, frequent celebrations for Jewish festivals and work closely with DJUS and KAHAL to provide student friendly activities and events..
  • DJUS: the Danish Union of Jewish Students host events throughout the month, such as movie and pizza nights, open to all students.

Celebrating the High Holidays abroad made me realize that the larger Jewish community is actually a bigger family. Total strangers opening up their homes to students is very meaningful and I am sure I will do the same in the future.

Rachel S.