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Opportunities Available

  • BASE: Part of the wider BASE franchise found in New York, Chicago, and Miami, BASE Berlin is a welcoming, pluralist house for students and young people to engage in Jewish education, networking, and social events and frequent Shabbat dinners with an American expat couple.
  • Fraenkelufer Synagogue: A traditional-liberal community, with a lot of young and international people (many English speakers); there are opportunities for students to lead shiurim on Saturday morning and they run monthly community Shabbat potluck dinners.
  • Morasha: A large, international modern orthodox student community that hosts weekly Shabbat dinners, holiday meals, and with a residence for short term stays.
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It was an amazing opportunity to host a Rosh Hashanah dinner for my friends and share the traditions and meanings of the High Holidays. We all cooked dinner together which I think highlights the most important aspect of the holidays -- community.

Bethany M.