Below are the Jewish opportunities in Amsterdam. After exploring the opportunities please click on the Sign Up button below and let us know what you are interested in!

Opportunities Available:

  • Beit Ha’Chidush: Progressive, inclusive community welcoming people with a Jewish background (paternal or maternal) regardless of gender and sexual orientation. They arrange services at least three times per month for Shabbat, and for larger holidays.
  • Bendigamos: New Sephardi community with many young people attending, they host monthly events that may be interesting to students, social and networking opportunities, two services per month and Shabbat dinner hosting.
  • Chabad on Campus: This Chabad house near the Zuid (South) University is a welcoming environment for all students with weekly Shabbat dinners and a lot more.
  • Lavi Olami: Welcoming modern orthodox group of young professionals that work with several of the other organisations here.
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Celebrating the High Holidays abroad made me realize that the larger Jewish community is actually a bigger family. Total strangers opening up their homes to students is very meaningful and I am sure I will do the same in the future.

Rachel S.