Below are the Jewish opportunities in New Zealand. After exploring the opportunities, please click on the Sign Up button below and let us know what you are interested in!

Opportunities Available:

  • Chabad Auckland: The Chabad house in Auckland is the main Chabad in New Zealand.
  • Bnei Akiva Auckland: Bnei Akiva is an international, orthodox youth movement with a chapter based in Auckland. They host events and occasional meals that students are welcome to attend.
  • Dunedin Jewish Community: Small and diverse progressive community (with a few members from more orthodox backgrounds), who generally hold reform services and potluck communal meals for the main festivals. They endeavour to have monthly Kabalat Shabbat services and recently started to hold monthly activities on Sundays for families with younger children, and welcome volunteer help from the Jewish students at the university. 
  • Temple Sinai Wellington: Wellington’s progressive Jewish community, who host frequent events for Kabalat Shabbat and are always looking to do more events that cater to students and young people.
  • Auckland Hebrew Congregation: Modern Orthodox Congregation in the Central Business District.
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Dunedin, New Zealand doesn't have a huge Jewish community so it was important to me and my other Jewish friend to still uphold traditions. We invited Jewish and non-Jewish abroad students to join us for a traditional Jewish meal and it was amazing! Our Jewish friends said it was so nice to have comfort food and our non-Jewish friends had so much fun learning about Rosh Hashanah and eating our delicious food. Thank you so much KAHAL for making this happen!

Aviva L.Rosh Hashanah Location: Dunedin, New Zealand