Below are the available Jewish opportunities in Florence. Please click on the button below and let us know what you’re interested in this semester.

Opportunities Available:

  • Shir Hadash Firenze: Shir Hadash was founded in Florence by a group of American Jewish women and Italian Jewish men, both looking for an alternative space to express their Judaism in Italy. Today Shir Hadash is an active and growing congregation which still reflects those origins. Shir Hadash is an egalitarian Progressive congregation. They are happy to welcome guests visiting Florence and the surrounding area. Jews from other denominations are also very welcome to attend, as are persons of other religious faiths and backgrounds who would like to learn more about Progressive Judaism.
  • The Great Synagogue: The Great Synagogue of Florence is one of the largest synagogues in South-central Europe. The synagogue of Florence was one of the most important synagogues built in Europe in the age of emancipation and still has a growing and vibrant community.  
  • Chabad: An Orthodox organization that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and caters specifically to students. They hold Friday night, Saturday morning, and Holiday services, and have free meals for students. It’s an open and welcoming environment, and they organize Jewish learning opportunities as well.
  • Host Families
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It was nice to see how the same holidays are celebrated all over the world and that my Jewish identity can help me connect with people anywhere and everywhere.

Sandy S.High Holiday Location: Florence, Italy