What is KAHAL? KAHAL is a nonprofit organization, working in over 57 countries and 127 cities around the world, and 254 campus that facilitates transformational Jewish experiences for study abroad students.


What does KAHAL do? Wherever you’re traveling, whether it’s London or Lisbon, Paris or Prague, Shanghai or Sydney, KAHAL will connect you to immersive experiences in your local community or one nearby. Working with local Jewish students, families, organizations, and community leaders, KAHAL will set you up with exciting experiences. In addition, we have great DIY resources for students who may not have a Jewish community in their host city.


Does KAHAL offer study abroad programs? No, KAHAL works as network and resource for students going through any university or study abroad provider, as well as others traveling abroad.


Can non-Jewish students benefit from KAHAL? Yes! By connecting with KAHAL, all students will be able to learn about Jewish culture, regardless of religious affiliation. Learning about another culture fosters intercultural competence and self-awareness of one’s own beliefs and personal biases. KAHAL strives to be a voice for religious identity across the study abroad community and encourages all students to explore and deepen their connections to their own identities abroad.


I keep Kosher. Can KAHAL help me find Kosher food? Yes! KAHAL can direct you to Kosher food, from grocery stores to Kosher restaurants, to local butchers.


Can KAHAL connect me to High Holiday celebrations? Yes! For more information about High Holidays and Passover reach out to info@kahalabroad.org.


Can KAHAL connect me to other Jewish holiday celebrations? Yes; along with High Holiday experiences, KAHAL can connect students to many Jewish holiday resources such as Passover seders, Hanukkah celebrations, Shabbat dinners, and much more.


Is there a fee to access KAHAL’s resources? No! There is no barrier to entry. KAHAL services are free for participants.


What is the KAHAL App and how do I use it? The KAHAL App is a social media platform that allows students and others abroad to be connected with each other and find grant opportunities. For example, students can log on to their account and message other Jewish students in their area in order to find out about nearby events and activities.