KAHAL, CRCC Asia and Virtual Internships are excited to announce the first Virtual Internship Scholarship for Jewish Students. This scholarship includes a guaranteed Virtual Internship in your country or career field of choice, 3 months online access to Rosetta Stone language learning, weekly discussions and business webinars and more. With the Scholarship for Jewish Students, we aim to award this fully-funded international Virtual Internship program to a deserving individual who is a practicing member of the Jewish faith and who actively works to promote awareness and advocacy in their Jewish community. Applicants who applied but who were not ultimately offered a scholarship will be offered a US$ 300 grant for one of Virtual Internships’ online internship program.

Why choose Virtual Internships?

  • Guaranteed Internship Placement: In a time when there are many uncertainties, knowing that you will definitely have an opportunity for professional development and building work experience.
  • Vetted Host Companies: All companies working with Virtual Internships have been vetted in meeting quality standards as well as supported in understanding how to support interns remotely. 
  • Support: All students have an assigned Program Experience Manager to walk them through the experience, access to our online curriculum, weekly events and two internship coaching calls so you get the most from this experience
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Program Inclusions: 

  • Fully-Funded Virtual International Internship ($1,595 Value)
  • The student selects the start date and  the duration of 1, 2, or 3 months. When the winner is selected, they would need to choose a program start date that ensures we have at least 6 weeks’ notice in order to have adequate time to place them
  • The student selects 20 or 30-hour workweek
  • The student selects International Focus (guaranteed first choice country for their company to be based in) or Career Field focus (guaranteed first choice career field for their internship) 
  • The student will work with KAHAL to create two short profiles of  Jewish people from their city to research, highlighting their impact on the local Jewish community.

Applications are open June 1-14, 2020 and the winner will be announced on June 30th.


  • Must be enrolled (or seeking enrollment, i.e., recent high school graduates) in a higher education course (e.g., university, college, community college, trade or technical college etc.) or graduated within one year
  • Must submit their application by 23:59h (11:59 pm) Hawaiian Pacific Time on 14 June 2020.

Career Field Focus Areas:

This option is perfect for anyone wanting global experiences throughout the world, but has a focused career goal. 

  • Business; Computer Science and IT; Creative, Design, and Fashion; Engineering; Entrepreneurship and Startup; Finance; Green Tech, Sustainability, and Environment;  Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals; Health, Wellness, and Sports Management; Hospitality, Tourism, and Events; International Development, NGOs, and Charities; Legal, Logistics and Supply Chain; Recruitment and HR; Marketing; Media, Communications, and Publishing; Real Estate; Urban Planning and Architecture 

International Focus:

This option is perfect for anyone focused on building networks and experience in a specific country.

  • China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, or The United Kingdom.

More information:

Email Becca Flyer ( for more information.


“With the gracious help and support from KAHAL, I was able to host a fully catered Shabbat dinner for 35 guests in Beijing. What made this Shabbat so special was the fact that I got to bring together a very diverse set of people to enjoy a religious Jewish event. My 35 guests were composed of other interns that were in my internship program and the Israeli Chamber of Commerce internship program, a few of my coworkers from my internship, a couple friends I had made on my exchange program at the London School of Economics that live in Beijing, a few Beijing residents I had made friends with through my time playing basketball on the streets, an Israeli couple traveling the country, and the residents and members of the local Moishe house. Moishe house also helped me bring this idea to fruition by allowing me to host the dinner in their apartment and helping me prepare some of the food. Though, the majority of the food was catered from a local Israeli restaurant called Bite a Pita, having homemade hummus and Israeli salad was a great addition to this vegetarian dinner. The food included, falafel, hummus, pita, different types of salad, mushrooms, fried cauliflower, and marinated bell peppers as well as the necessary Kosher challah and wine for prayers. With great food and even better people this Shabbat dinner was shaping up to be the best ending to my month long stay in China.”

Jules M.Interned in Beijing

“My last Friday in Saigon, I hosted a Shabbat dinner/Cultural Exchange for my friends on my internship program. Working abroad in Vietnam, all of us were away from the comforts of home and what we knew. As a result, we all bonded fairly quickly and really formed an amazing, close-knit group. My idea by celebrating Shabbat was to share a meal and learn about each other’s roots. I wanted to give back to my friends for making my experience so awesome, by showing them a part of my faith and culture. The participants in my program came from a variety of backgrounds, from Norway, Haiti, to the Philippines and Cuba so it was a Shabbat with an international flare of sorts. Even the meal itself was multi-cultural: we ordered food from the Chabad in Saigon, all kosher of course, but it was prepared by local Vietnamese women working at the center. That open, diverse aspect of so many cultures blending together was really special. I’m incredibly thankful for KAHAL to have this opportunity to share this part of myself with my friends.”

Daniella J.Interned in Vietnam