KAHAL Staff City Contact: Talia,

The Jewish community of Cape Town, South Africa is vibrant, but also extremely careful about security and safety. On campus, there are a variety of resources available for students through the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS), Chabad on Campus, and the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Life. Off campus, there is an active Moishe House, a Jewish peer-led space and community for students and young professionals, and a Progressive (Reform) synagogue, which hosts many programs for young adults, including a “freedom Seder” with black students. A warm and welcoming community, local families are happy to host students for Shabbat and holidays. Connect with KAHAL to find your Jewish Home in Cape Town!

Opportunities Available:

Connections to students  and social events
Advocacy and activism
Shabbat and holiday experiences
Jewish learning and enrichment
Kosher food on and off campus