KAHAL is excited to announce the donation of 30,000 N95 Respirator Masks for Jewish nursing homes and skilled medical facilities across North America by Committee of 100 (C100) – a Chinese-American cultural association of prominent and extraordinary Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, healthcare, and the arts. 

KAHAL and C100 have partnered throughout the pandemic to provide vital resources and support to thousands of the most vulnerable members of our community. This generous donation demonstrates C100’s continued commitment to the safety, security, and prosperity of the Jewish community.

Recognizing the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on minority communities and vulnerable populations, KAHAL and C100 have partnered together to distribute these much-needed supplies to affected communities in 29 states and 3 Canadian provinces. We applaud C100’s continued efforts to support the most vulnerable and to build bridges of mutual support and understanding between our communities.

As an organization committed to the value of intercultural exchange, we thank C100 for their deep commitment to supporting minority communities across North America and promoting a stronger exchange of ideas and culture between the Jewish and Chinese-America communities.