KAHAL is currently seeking Global Ambassadors planning to study abroad in Spring 2019. This is a Full school year commitment. If you are interested and studying abroad in next Fall, you are eligible to apply for the Global Ambassadors program. Email Jojo@KahalAbroad.org to learn more. The following fellowship is a three part experience, beginning on campus, host abroad city, and returning to campus to re-engage study abroad alumni.

KAHAL Campus Internship: Semester before Study Abroad
OutBound Students

  • The intern will work to identify outbound students and their destinations with the KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad team
  • The intern is responsible for encouraging students to sign-up in KAHAL’s Mobilize platform through Facebook, email, or in person
  • The intern will connect with each student going abroad before departure, taking at least 10 students on “coffee dates” or pre phone calls in which he/she will frame the students’ abroad experience using KAHAL’s Jewish abroad content toolkit – log all coffees into Mobilize (CRM)
  • The intern will create and host a study abroad Shabbat event on campus targeting outbound study abroad students, as well as returning study abroad alumni;

Global Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Identify 20+ more students they know who are going abroad to any site
  • Local Global Ambassador Responsibilities:
    • Reach out to students in their site who have been identified by KAHAL staff, interns,  and study abroad offices. Explain your role and what KAHAL can provide for them
    • 2 events – facilitate one Shabbat experience (either planning your own event or bring your peers to an existing event) and initiate one other cultural event that brings American students together with Jewish peers in your new city
    • Engage 80% of Jewish students identified at your site in Jewish conversations
      1. Timely tracking of interactions and conversations with peers abroad
      2. Template provided, add names within one week of event happening
    • Share your experience!
    • Each GA will create a blog post with photos that will be shared on social media/ website to help get more students involved

Back on Campus: Campus Internship 2.0
The responsibilities and metrics for measuring success for the Spring Semester will be defined as:

  • The intern will maintain a relationship between the Study Abroad department  and communicate with home office to help reach any students for high holidays and Passover
  • Create new connections with to identify more students thinking about studying abroad
  • The intern will work to create an alumni community of study abroad participants by connecting with returning students for coffee, potluck dinners, and creating additional alumni opportunities
  • The intern will identify potential interns for the 2018-2019 academic year, utilizing his/her relationships with students abroad in the spring of 2019