Whether you want a few extra dollars to help get you to an important Jewish conference or you want to bring Passover to your host country, we are here to help with grants toward a Jewish experience abroad ranging from $10-$250. KAHAL is proud to have given almost $30,000 in experiential grants since 2014. KAHAL's program grants are sponsored by members of the Jewish community, including UJA: The Jewish Federation of New York. The Jewish community is committed to making your experience abroad the best it can be, and we trust you'll do the same for future students someday, too.

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  • Apply to support your travel and transportation needs for Jewish holidays and Shabbat ($250 per student)
  • KAHAL grant supports student-run Jewish DIY Experiences
  • AirBnB Promotion: Connect with KAHAL in a new city for a Shabbat opportunity: get a free AirBnB for a night
  • Apply for subsidies to attend educational conferences and Jewish heritage trips including March of the Living UK
  • Apply for subsidies to attend High Holiday, subsidize meal costs and accommodation.

Kayla, UCLA, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I am so appreciative of the time I got to spend in Johannesburg, and I intend to go back and visit the Gamsu family before my semester abroad ends! I am thankful to KAHAL for helping me find this family and giving me the resources to have made this spontaneous trip down to Johannesburg possible. At the end of the day, however, what my trip taught me most is how happy I am to be studying abroad in Botswana.”


“I am not totally in my comfort zone in Gaborone, and I like it that way. It is testing me to try new things, discover more about who I am, and more importantly, what I value most in this world. I loved getting to step back into the Jewish bubble, but what I loved even more was being able to step out of it, continuing my quest to learn and grow as an individual."

Sadie, Wellington South Africa, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Coming here, I knew that in order to bring my culture and religion I would have to go after it myself. I hosted a Shabbat dinner with the intentions to bring some comfort and home into my life but also because of the enjoyment I get with sharing my heritage and faith with my close friends. The event also consisted of challah braiding where my friends and I all braided challahs and I showed them the “right” way to do it. I really value and appreciate KAHAL for providing me the opportunity to be myself and invite others into my world. It was truly an incredible evening of good food, friends and laughter. “

Jordan, Babson College, Semester at Sea

From visiting Jew Town in Kochi India, to visiting The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum in China. We called ourselves “Jews on a Cruise” as we all came from different states, shared different stories and had the opportunity to travel the world together. We wanted to do something special for us before the presentation which was share a lovely meal together as a Jewish community on the ship. Our Presentation talked about what Judaism means to us, our experiences being Jewish on the voyage and of course Hanukkah. We greatly appreciate KAHAL’s support in helping us create this amazing event.

Seder on the Ship organized by KAHAL SAS Student Liaison

Jessi, University of Miami, on Passover on Semester at Sea Spring Voyage 2018

“Our seder on the ship was incredible!! We had it in the fancy restaurant and they prepared a special meal for us with a Seder plate and all. It was so much fun to be able to celebrate with the 30+ people who came including both students and faculty and even some of the ship kids. Everyone participated in the seder and we all sang our favorite tunes to each prayer. “

“Going to the Chabad in Ghana was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. We walked in and were welcomed with open arms. I was surprised to see the seder was filled with many people from all over the world. We spoke to people from America, France, Switzerland, Israel, Spain and many more. There were even 4 Ghanaian Jews which I did not expect at all. Hearing all of their stories and traditions was amazing and many of them offered to take us around the next couple of days and showed us a great time. Thank you to KAHAL for helping us travel to and connect with the Chabad of Ghana!”

“With my Tibetan host family, we blessed the candles that lit their home, barley wine, and cheese crackers as challah. In the dimly lit room painted in patterns by a local Lama, I led Shabbat prayers. To celebrate Shabbat with expat Jews is one thing. To celebrate with a community who never met a Jew before on the Chinese mountaintops - that felt like the definition of being a Jew abroad.”--Izzy Ullmann, Yunnan, China, UC Berkeley

“I had the incredible experience of attending a seminar at the European Union with KAHAL while studying abroad. We met with high-level European officials, discussed key issues that affect Jews all over the world, and gained incredible insight int world political affairs. I am interning at the United Nations, and I immediately had a leg up thanks to my experience at the EU, which KAHAL made possible!”--Laurence Hochman, Madrid, Spain, TCNJ

“We used our $250 grant to attend Passover Seders in the hear of Prague. I've never seen such a huge amount of people come together - there ended up being over 400 people! The Seder made possible by KAHAL's grant didn't just help me celebrate a holiday - it empowered me to do something to unite with Jews from all around the world.”--Alyson Kolpas, Prague, Czech Republic

"I am extremely grateful to KAHAL for the opportunity to have attended the WUPJ Connections conference. I learned so much, made extremely valuable connections all over the world, and grew in my passion for work in the Progressive Jewish world. I now fortunate enough to have young Jewish friends and peers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, and more--all thanks to a grant from KAHAL."--Julia Ullmann, Tel Aviv, Israel



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