KAHAL is proud to have given almost $20,000 in experiential grants since 2014. Whether you want a few extra dollars to help get you to an important Jewish conference or you want to bring Passover to your host country, we are here to help with grants toward a Jewish experience abroad ranging from $10-$250. Click on the link below to apply for a grant to make your own Jewish home abroad!




“With my Tibetan host family, we blessed the candles that lit their home, barley wine, and cheese crackers as challah. In the dimly lit room painted in patterns by a local Lama, I led Shabbat prayers. To celebrate Shabbat with expat Jews is one thing. To celebrate with a community who never met a Jew before on the Chinese mountaintops - that felt like the definition of being a Jew abroad.”--Izzy Ullmann, Yunnan, China, UC Berkeley

“I had the incredible experience of attending a seminar at the European Union with KAHAL while studying abroad. We met with high-level European officials, discussed key issues that affect Jews all over the world, and gained incredible insight int world political affairs. I am interning at the United Nations, and I immediately had a leg up thanks to my experience at the EU, which KAHAL made possible!”--Laurence Hochman, Madrid, Spain, TCNJ



“We used our $250 grant to attend Passover Seders in the hear of Prague. I've never seen such a huge amount of people come together - there ended up being over 400 people! The Seder made possible by KAHAL's grant didn't just help me celebrate a holiday - it empowered me to do something to unite with Jews from all around the world.”--Alyson Kolpas, Prague, Czech Republic

"I am extremely grateful to KAHAL for the opportunity to have attended the WUPJ Connections conference. I learned so much, made extremely valuable connections all over the world, and grew in my passion for work in the Progressive Jewish world. I now fortunate enough to have young Jewish friends and peers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, and more--all thanks to a grant from KAHAL."--Julia Ullmann, Tel Aviv, Israel

 "We got involved with a Passover Seder that hosted over 400 people in Prague. This grant empowered me to unite with Jews from all around the world" - Allyson Kolpas



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