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KAHAL is proud to partner with Hillel International work on many different campuses to support students through Hillel interns and professionals who help us connects hundreds of students a year to Jewish life abroad. If you want more information about our resources for your students, please see our downloadable resources.



Hunter Hillel

Illinois Hillel

Indiana Hillel

Maryland Hillel

Michigan Hillel

Michigan State Hillel

Northeastern Hillel

NYU Hillel

Penn State Hillel

QC Hillel

Stanford Hillel

ASU     Hillel

Baruch    Hillel

Brandeis Hillel

Brooklyn Hillel

Chico Hillel

Columbia Hillel

Cornell Hillel

Denver Hillel

Emory Hillel

Goucher Hillel

GW Hillel

Tulane Hillel

UC Berkeley Hillel

UC Davis Hillel

UC Davis and Sacramento Hillel

UC Santa Cruz Hillel

UChicago Hillel

UCLA Hillel

USC Hillel

UT Austin Hillel

Wisconsin Hillel

University of Delaware Hillel

University of Wisconsin Madison Hillel

Berkeley Hillel

Denver University Hillel

George Washington University Hillel

Indiana University Hillel

Michigan State University Hillel

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Hillel

University of Michigan Hillel

Goucher College Hillel

KAHAL is always looking to expand our partnerships with individual Hillels. If you have many students studying abroad and want to find ways to support them throughout the world, please contact about our Hillel International KAHAL internship.


Chabad on Campus

KAHAL is proud to partner with Chabad on Campus International to help students easily connect with Chabads throughout the world. Learn more about Chabad on Campus!

Alpha Epsilon pi

KAHAL works with AEPi to facilitate tranformational Jewish experiences for all AEPi brothers studying abroad, connecting brothers to each other, international chapters, and international Jewish communities abroad

Alpha Epsilon pHi

KAHAL works with AEPhi to facilitate tranformational Jewish experiences for all AEPhi sisters studying abroad, connecting sisters to each other and international Jewish communities abroad


Studying abroad and need to get in touch with your Jewish Home Abroad? KAHAL can help!




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